2x Super Bowl Champion

NFL Free Agent Enters PLL Draft

"It's just another challenge. It's something for me to prove to myself that I could have done this and I could compete with the best players in the PLL." - Chris Hogan

Super Bowl Champion Joining the PLL 

I can't thank all of my teammates, coaches, trainers, friends, family, and fans enough for all the support throughout my NFL journey. Without all of your support, I may have never made it this far. As an undrafted free agent, I was always a longshot in the league and felt like I had to prove myself to the world every single day. This next chapter in my journey is a new opportunity for me to prove something to myself and to the world. Lacrosse has always been an important part of my life. I couldn't be more excited to fight for a roster spot with the best in the world and I hope to support the growth of this sport.

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It's Only Just the Beginning of a New Chapter.

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